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The Face of the Fierce Feminine

Recently in Italy, over 1000 activists stormed a breeding facility and liberated 40 beagles. The facility breeds dogs for use in research, and the activists were tired of the slow negotiation process they had been engaged in to end research on dogs which seemed to be going nowhere.

Clearly, this sort of mass action where citizens ignore due process of the law and simply overwhelm police forces, can be viewed in many different ways. From the point of view of the police and breeding facility, this action was simply a break, enter and theft. From the point of view of the activists, it was a statement that preventing mistreatment of animals is a higher value than obeying the law.

While this is an ethical minefield, it is also an example of something I believe we are going to see more and more of – like minded people banding together and acting on what they believe to be right, regardless of the perception of those who are considered “the powers that be”.

Marianne Williamson would call this sort of action an example of “the Fierce Feminine” which will no longer tolerate the masculine oriented profit motive implemented at all cost. The Fierce Feminine is no longer willing to step back and see its sons and daughters sacrificed on the altar of the values of the pleasure and power.

How do you understand this sort of action? Is there someplace in your life or environment where your values are being over-ridden?

Is there a Fierce Feminine in you that wants to step forth to reclaim some aspect of you or your life?

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