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About me
About me

My background is in religious studies, psychology and eastern and western philosophy. Having spent my life immersed in the search for essence and meaning, I have discovered we are all part of a greater whole and within each person is a spark of divinity.

In 1986 I discovered I have a gift for connecting people with that spark and guiding them to communicate with it. So, for the last 30 years, I have been guiding women over 50 to shine a light on their paths by connecting with loving wisdom from their own inner guidance. My clients tell me I have an easy way of discussing and simplifying universal concepts of spirituality, consciousness and personal growth and how they apply to daily life.

I have written many articles on life and spirituality and my first book, “Your Journey to Joy is an Inside Job: Quotes, Stories and Insights for Women Over 50” is available on Amazon. I am based in Calgary and offer private sessions in person and on Skype and specialize in creating personalized programs designed to bring your awareness into alignment with the heart of you through which peace and joy can flow into your life.

What Makes me Unique?

My gift is the ability to see beyond the problems you are experiencing to the real you underneath, and to hold up a mirror so you can see the real you too! I connect you with your inner guidance so you can communicate with it, understand the messages it is sending, and the direction it is suggesting you go.

I guide you to invite a spiritual presence into your everyday life. This is the most fundamental guidance available to us. It runs deeper than conditioning, deeper than religion and is available to you for the asking.

Having been on a spiritual journey spanning over 40 years, I have been through pitfalls, false starts, differing philosophies, and practices. I have read scores of books, taken seminars and workshops, studied with gurus, teachers, and wonderful spiritual beings. I have facilitated discussion groups, seminars and workshops. I am certified in several forms of energy work, but in my private sessions I use primarily intuition and hypnosis.

Every week for 13 years I facilitated a speaker breakfast that featured presenters from around the world sharing the latest concepts in metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth which placed me constantly on the cutting edge of new thought. I have learned much about what it is to integrate spiritual understanding into everyday life and I am happy to share that experience with you.

"Susan is the most nurturing counsellor I have met. Immediately, when you come into her space, you feel safe and cared for. Susan has an uncanny ability to share life changing insights with ease and compassion. She is one of those rare individuals who truly listens and understands where you are coming from and what you have experienced. She gently guides the shifts in awareness that are needed to experience your life in a whole new and empowering way."

~ Leanne Dalderis, Calgary

Client comments

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My experience + your inner guidance = unique solutions

Now that you have a better idea about my approach and the results you can expect by working with me, I invite you to contact me at to set up a complimentary “30 Minutes to Greater Clarity” phone session where we can explore what is happening for you right now and establish some beneficial steps you can take to move forward.

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