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About You
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Have you ever watched a child dancing in the rain and wondered how she could be so carefree?

She is still in touch with a pure sense of innocent joy inside of herself, and she is dancing from that place. It's inside of you too, buried under a daily build up of issues, frustration and "mundanity". My work is about uncovering that playful joy inside of you again.

Discovering that joyful place involves knowing the "big picture" of your life. Your current problem, whatever it is, will make more sense to you when viewed from an inner perspective and within the context of the big picture. Viewed in this way, what looks like a problem today may be a door opening for you to discover important insights about what is possible for you in your life.

I have guided hundreds of women who are dealing with challenges unique to women in the 21st century and common to every woman throughout the ages. I have a solid history of opening inner doors where none were perceived before. I address what is and guide you toward what could be.

Some Results You Can Expect

If you are in a relationship that feels like it is going nowhere, you will receive insights into what is causing the stall, what is going on at deeper levels with both you and your partner and what you need to do to begin to move forward in the relationship.

If you feel frustrated all the time, you will uncover the cause and discover options for changing the situation and/or how to feel differently about it.

If you are wondering what the next chapter could be in your life, and would like it to be meaningful and fulfilling, you will discover what that could be.

If your relationship has ended and you feel lost, you will discover resources inside of yourself which will enable you to feel more safe and alive again, and help you to create a strong relationship with yourself so that your next relationship will work better for you.

If you have lost track of who you are, you will discover a new self inside just waiting to be invited out!

If you are in your 70s or 80s and feel like you have another chapter to experience in your life, you will find out what that is. If you feel you DON”T have another chapter, you will find out that you do!

"Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

~ Christopher Robin ~

What is Possible for You
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Every person contains a spark of the greater whole, whether you call it God, Great Spirit, Allah, Soul, Universe. The name is not important. What is important is that there is a universal life force, of which you are a part. It is never damaged, never dies and is always available to you.

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The qualities of that universal life force in each person are the same, characterised by love, acceptance, compassion and joy.

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No matter how much sludge you have accumulated over that part of you, it is still there, and its value is undiminished.  

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Women most clearly embody the qualities which are going to make the biggest difference in the world in the coming decades. The qualities of nurturing, cooperation, listening, and understanding - these qualities are shared by all women regardless of ethnicity or religion. We must dig deep, go below what makes us different to access the qualities which make us the same.

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Whether you feel it or not, you are playing your own instrument in life's symphony. You have a place and an important part to play, and this is a joyful feeling.

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There is uniqueness in you. You can do something no one else can do, and it is your purpose to do so. In living your life purpose, you are playing your part and contributing to the healing of the planet.

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