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Your Journey to Joy is an Inside Job: Quotes, Stories and Insights for Women Over 50

This book outlines a gentle path to the most valuable discovery you can make: how to turn your mundane life into magical by changing how you view and understand it. The book guides you, step by step, to tap into the wisdom of your soul to lead you from where you are now to a joyful and fulfilling perspective.

You may have sensed there is more fulfillment available in life, but haven't had the understanding or tools to access it. Using quotes and stories from my personal journey and that of others, I invite you to consider different perspectives on yourself and your life and provide small steps which will result in big improvements in your life.


Insightful and inspirational, “The Journey to Joy” is a journey of self-discovery that brings a sense of wonder and magic.

“I have had the great honor of having transformational healing sessions with Susan Letourneau. These have been among the most profound experiences I have ever had. When I am in Susan’s presence, I feel as if I am bathed in grace. Susan is completely present with you, intuitively guiding you to overcome the walls of doubt and reawaken your inner knowing. When the session is complete, I feel lighter, cleansed and rested.

Now Susan has gifted us with a book. She gives us personal insights into how she experienced her inner joy and how we can also find that place within ourselves. Susan also asks us questions that help us embrace the depth of her message. Thank you, Susan, for shining your light so brightly and so lovingly that we recognize our own. Your book is my refuge and I am looking forward to reading it many more times.”

Judy Armstrong, Singer/Songwriter/Speaker/Coach

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