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Taking Steps Toward Wholeness

It has become increasingly clear to me that one of the most important purposes in our lives is to take steps to regain our “wholeness”. By that I mean to get all of our “parts” on board, moving in the same direction and working for us.

Roberta Asagioli, the brilliant originator of the Psychosynthesis model of psychology, made great strides in elucidating the idea that we have many aspects inside of us, rather like an inner community, the members of which are often working against each other, rather than in concert, like a good team.

So what makes a good team? There are many elements of course, but having a strong, competent captain is very important. It is also important that each team member is placed in the position for which they are most well suited and competent. Having a good coach is very helpful, one who holds the vision of the desired outcome and is objective and skilled in the endeavour at hand.

So what does that model look like when applied to our inner landscape? In my experience, it begins with being clear about one’s belief system and then choosing to act on it and incorporate it into daily life. That then becomes like a tuning fork, the resonance of which spreads throughout the rest of the team.

It’s helpful to get clear about what you believe about life, because it will impact everything in your inner experience. A belief system which embraces joy as a foundation will resonate joy to the rest of the inner team. Albert Einstein said that the most important question any person could answer for themselves is “Is the Universe friendly?” The great psychic, Edgar Cayce, answered that question most affirmatively when he said “There is a spirit of helpfulness abroad in the universe.” If you, like Edgar Cayce, agree that the universe is basically friendly, is that belief reflected in your life?

So then the next question is, who is the captain of your team? Who is running your inner show? Many times, we discover that it is some old programming still in the captain’s seat. Perhaps it is the critical voice of a mother who never thought you were good enough. Perhaps it is the voice of a teacher who did not understand your learning style. Such voices told us early on that we were not good enough.

Some people spend a whole lifetime trying to overcome a message that had no validity in the first place. So it is very important to get clear about who is the captain of your inner team. The ideal scenario would be that your captain is the part of you that knows you have a purpose in life, and are perfectly capable of supporting its unfoldment in a joyful manner.

Such a captain will then view the other members of the inner team in a positive and supportive light, placing each one in a position for which they are most well suited. If you sit quietly and imagine that you can see a room with your coach, captain and team members all gathered together, you may be surprised at what you find.

Such a visualization opens the door for you to gain insight into your inner workings, and provides an opportunity for you to “update” your team to reflect your true beliefs and values.

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