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Charge and Balance

Today's sharing from Leanne Dalderis and the Guides took me a long time to grasp, but when I did, it was profound for me. Leanne and I were standing in line at the Canmore Folk Festival discussing something, who knows what, when the Guides stepped in and asked if they could share a different point of view. Who ever says no to that?! So we listened and tried to grasp what they were saying on the subject of "charge". Whenever you have duality, you have "charge", positive and negative. And where you have one, you must have the other. They were saying that this is not just true in nature, but also in all aspects of life, and inside of us as well.

They said that any time we take a position on something, we are in a state of "charge" and that position will always be partial or fragmented. And the more emotionally "charged" we feel, the more fragmented our position will be. They contrast this with being in a state of peace, like the Taoist concept of being at the center of a wheel rather than out on the spokes. In peace there is no duality and therefore the solutions born of peace are whole and complete.

It's tempting to get indignant and exclaim that nothing is ever going to change in the world if we are feeling peaceful. We must have opinions and determinations and rages in order to change things - right? Not according to the Guides. Once again they recommend coming to a place of peace and inviting in the solution we would like to see. Because there is no polarity in peace, no opposite is created and we are much more likely to create the solution we are interested in. This is true in relationships as well. If one partner determinedly demands something, the other partner tends to react against the feeling of determination and wants to push back. Alternatively, if the first partner is peaceful and simply asks for what s/he needs, it is far more likely to receive agreement.

"Anytime we place ourselves in charge of something, we do indeed create a charge. It is like a law of physics, “Whatever charge we create, the universe will have to balance that charge in an equal and opposite direction.” The moment we take charge of something, we bring it out of Center, and into the world of balance. Understand, being centered has no charge and consequently balance is not needed.

You may have noticed that the moment you put yourself in charge of something, you will experience people and events around you counter-balancing that charge in an equal and opposite direction. That is why we will meet resistance when we try to push something through. Quite literally, the universe is trying to balance that charge. To the degree we are in charge, we will experience more of the resistance or counter-charge. Understand it is not the desire that is the problem; it is being in charge of it.

For instance, if we have a charge about people not telling the truth, we will create people lying to us to counter-balance that charge. If we are centered and invite in the experience of truth, there is no charge or any need of counter-balance.

You can see this phenomenon at work in relationships and world events. Often couples are opposed in equal and opposite directions to balance their charges. The good news is, once the charge is released, the solution is also present.

We may have a desire or intent, but the moment we take charge of it, it becomes an in-tension. It is a simple law of physics that any charge must be balanced. That is why when we take a stand on anything, we create somewhere in the world an equal and opposite position. For instance, if we take a stand on gun control, we will create an equal and opposite resistance to having guns in order to balance that charge and vice versa.

If we have the desire or intent of harmonious living, the best solution can arise from this center. The more we have a charge about “good”, the more we shall create “evil”.

Coming from the center of peace, we will experience neither good nor evil but rather we will experience God’s Best, God’s Integrity.

The above phenomenon can be likened to an electrical charge – any charge must be balanced. Anytime we resist what is, we create a charge. The moment we accept what is and invite in what we would truly desire instead, the charge is released and we are back in the center of unfoldment.

Any addiction and indeed any dis-ease is an attempt to discharge a charge. Temporarily, it will do this, but the problem is that the charge is still present at some level and will only build again.

The moment we take charge of anything, we take it out of universal flow and it literally stays in that stuck position until the charge is released and our world becomes a balancing act."

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