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The Power of Asking

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In today's post about Leanne Dalderis and The Guides, I want to share one of the most humble, yet remarkable, miracles we experienced with them on a regular basis. We just called this phenomenon "Great Seats" and it came to stand for many things in our lives over the years.

It all began in yet another line up for a festival. We always hoped to get great seats at all the festivals we attended, and we attempted to accomplish this by being early in line. We weren't as keen as those who slept overnight in the lineup, but we were always early enough that we had hours to wait for the gates to open. Once they opened, we had a little system: Leanne would take off running to find the best spot while I brought up the rear carrying chairs, food, backpacks etc. We always managed to get pretty good seats but we began to tire of the early rising and hours in line. One day the Guides asked us "Why don't you just ask for great seats?" "What?" we replied. "How does that work? We can't just ask for great seats! There are all kinds of people ahead of us!" The Guides insisted we could indeed ask for great seats and would always receive them no matter how many people were ahead of us. Astonished and doubting, we tried it and it worked perfectly.

The next day we didn't get up early and were therefore miles back in the line up. We didn't make a mad dash once through the gates either, and yet ...... Voila! There it was, a perfect spot for our chairs in the front row. We were beyond astonished, we were gobsmacked. "Didn't anyone see that spot?" we asked each other. "Is there something wrong with it?" We couldn't figure it out but we gladly put our chairs up and enjoyed the day. We repeated the performance the following day with the same result. And for years thereafter. In fact, asking for great seats never once didn't work. Being beings of little faith, we always had trepidation, but the seats were always there. We even arrived at a few concerts midway through and still found the seats waiting for us. We were always amazed that we still doubted, and always amazed that we were still amazed when the seats appeared. We never got past doubt and amazement.

Here is how The Guides explained the power of simply asking:

"Simply asking is foreign to us because it involves no activity. The mind is active whereas asking is a place of non-doing.

Asking is not a state of nothingness. Asking is the pivotal point of power. It is the fulcrum, much like the hub of a wheel is the fulcrum of any shift or movement. For that reason it is a place of peace and calmness. We who have been used to much activity miss the value in this power. We mistake its calmness for nothingness.

Asking doesn’t seem active to us. But it is a declaration that we are willing for the support of the whole universe, for the support of Spirit to be the solution.

The decision to ask flows through the heart. We make no decisions by ourselves. The power of asking is an invitation where the intellect cannot follow. We keep wanting to bring the intellect along. However, there is a solution beyond what our intellect would offer.

Asking is not what we come up with; it is what we invite in and are therefore given.

~ from the booklet "Signposts in the Shift"

by Leanne Dalderis, Susan Letourneau and The Guides

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