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The Power of Peace

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In one of my last posts about an experience I shared with Leanne Dalderis, I mentioned the Guides telling us how important it is to always choose peace; to put peace ahead of everything. Peace is a major theme with the Guides and when, 30 years ago, they first talked to me about choosing peace I was puzzled. I argued that I would be happy to be at peace when my issue of the moment was resolved. I couldn't imagine how I was going to be at peace until a solution was found. I saw peace as an absence of stress whereas the Guides described it as a presence. It was not an outcome, but rather a starting place. Just as white light contains all the colors of the spectrum, even though that is not apparent when you look at it, peace contains all qualities of Spirit.

The overriding theme in all the information from the Guides is the idea that we always have the option of partnering with Spirit, and when we do, stress and tension can disappear as we receive higher and wiser options for consideration. I saw that choosing peace indicates an understanding that I am not operating alone in my life but rather have made a decision to partner with the Grand Organizing Design.

By choosing peace, I acknowledge that I have an IGS, an Internal Guidance System, which I can access any time. The Guides always distinguish between "trying" and "being willing". If I am trying, I think it's up to me to come up with solutions, whereas being willing implies that a solution will be given if I am open to seeing it. Trying is closed whereas being willing implies an openness. Accessing my IGS means I am open to wiser options.

The Guides describe peace in these ways:

"The gift of peace is the gift of wholeness and completeness. It is the gift of inner strength and wisdom. It takes us beyond all beliefs in lack and separation and teaches us we lack nothing, and are not separate from anything.

The gift of peace is not the absence of conflict - it is the presence of love; it is the presence of healing, of solutions, of caring and understanding. It is the presence of a power greater than our little egos, yet including all of us.

There is nothing the peace of God cannot heal. There is no illusion that the peace of God cannot dissolve. There is not doubt, no question, that it cannot answer. There is no conflict or difficulty that peace cannot resolve. If we have the gift of peace, we have everything.

Any time we forget that something is a gift, we will assume responsibility for it and in this assumption we will lose the very thing we seek. We need to remember it is not our peace we seek, but rather the Peace of God who upholds this gift for everyone. A simple asking is all that is required for this gift to be given.

The peace of God is truly the center of all things. To be at peace is not the absence of activity, but the center of all creativity, expression and solutions. It is the center of all awareness, all understanding, all knowledge. It is the very Heart of life."

~ The Guides from "The Gift Book"

Maynard and Leanne Dalderis

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