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Comfort Zones

Today's sharing from the Guides, channeled by Leanne Dalderis, is about moving forward in life with comfort rather than trepidation. I am always struck by the contrast between the complicated spiritual journeys described in the ancient texts and the approach of the Guides which is direct, simple, easily understood and always suggesting a loving partnership with the underlying intelligence of the universe. As the famous psychic Edgar Cayce said, "There is a spirit of helpfulness abroad in the universe" and we only need to connect with it.

Leanne shares: "The Guides advice is so simple and to the point. Many people in sessions with the Guides say, "It can't be that simple! However, it's been my experience that it is that simple. It's us who complicate matters.

I knew I needed to take the next step in my life and I was gearing myself up to step out of my comfort zone and confront my fears. The prospect of moving outside my comfort zone was not appealing to me and I was procrastinating beginning the process. It felt like preparing t step off a cliff into a great abyss.

The Guides gently interrupted my efforts and asked what I thought I was doing. I explained I was getting ready to step outside com comfort zone and confront my fears.

"You might consider looking at this a different way, " they suggested. "Okay, I'm listening" I replied thinking they were about to give me a pep talk to step off the cliff.

"Wouldn't you experience a lot more ease if you considered expanding your comfort zone rather than jumping off a cliff? Right now, your comfort zone is very small and limited. Wouldn't you like to experience more of life with a feeling of ease, support and comfort? If you consider asking for your comfort zone to expand to take in more of life and its experiences, there is no fear, only an openness to take the next step in this expanded area of comfort. If you view this process like jumping off a cliff, you'll miss the support that is all around you."

It was so simple. All I had to do was ask my comfort zone to increase to include more situations, more encounters, more experiences. No more procrastination was needed. What if I could be at ease in God's comfort wherever I was and whatever I was doing? I can be that simple!

~ Leanne Dalderis ~

from the manuscript "Living With Guidance"

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