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On Lost Opportunities

Today's post from the Guides has to do with the regret of feeling we have lost opportunities in life:

Leanne says: "I will begin with a story. There was a woman in her mid-forties who came for a session. She was very sad and could not understand the sadness. She had been married when she was seventeen and in effect had "lost" those teenage years. Her children came right after her marriage and she had no time to experience the light heartedness and freedom of youth. In her mind, her youth had been lost with no hope of eve getting it back. We said to her: "You are right about one thing. Those years are lost to you. The experiences you might have had are lost to you. That particular form of your youth is gone. But you are wrong about something very important - the essence of your youth is not lost. The spirit of youth, the gift of youth is still yours. You have given up on it. You need to call it back into your life. Yes, you have lost the old form of your youth but you have not lost the heart and essence of youth."

We wish to tell this story because so many people think that they can never have back youth, trust, innocence, enthusiasm, family, connection and so on. With this topic, we would like to say: You are right about one thing and wrong about another. You are right that the particular form of trust, connection or even faith might be lost, broken, gone. But, you are wrong if you think that the essence of Trust, Faith, Youth, Love is lost to you. It awaits your invitation. Call back the spirit of Trust into your life. Call back the essence of Home into your life. Yes, the particular form of home may be lost to you, but the essence of Home, which is our true experience, can never be lost.

Look at your sadness and you will realize that the grief you feel is about what you believe can never come back to you. It feels like everything is lost forever. It is true, certain forms are gone forever, but the spirit of youth, home, love, trust never leaves us, it only awaits our invitation. We never lose the spirit of whatever is dear to us, and, after all, it is the Spirit that sustains us."

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