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On Missing Out

As I continue sharing insights from the group of helpful souls from the other side who call themselves “The Guides” and speak through Leanne Dalderis, they address Leanne's fear of missing out on things. A consistent theme in the messages from the Guides is the importance of partnering with Spirit, with your Higher Self, rather than relying on your own small awareness to accomplish things. There is a line in the Bible which reflects this when Christ said, "By myself I can do nothing. It's the Father within me that does the work."

"We were on our way to Alaska for the first time. We had decided to drive and the journey was spectacular. I was afraid to miss anything so I struggled to keep awake the entire time. I didn't want to waste a moment of the long evenings so, consequently, I didn't get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning.

The strain of trying not to miss anything was beginning to tell on my system. I was becoming more and more tense and anxious. When things go off course in my life, the Guides usually come through with their standard question, "What's happening?"

"I'm trying not to miss anything," I replied. Heaven must have a sense of humor, for I hear laughter quite a bit of the time when I share my problems and beliefs. This was no exception.

"If you're trying not to miss anything," they laughed, "you already have. Often we're so busy trying not to miss anything that we miss what is most important. We miss being present. We miss being "home" for life to unfold. What if you could relax and ask your Higher Power to bring whatever sights, gifts and other things to be appreciated on this journey to your awareness? Be present with your being and let the journey unfold and show you what it wants to show you."

The tension began to leave my body and I began to appreciate the journey rather than being worried I would miss something. I was really amazed at how much I had been missing by not being present, by trying to be in charge of not missing anything.

I still catch myself from time to time when I'm in certain places and in certain situations, trying not to miss anything. I remind myself of the trip to Alaska and the Guide's comment, "If you are trying not to miss anything, you already have."

~ Leanne Dalderis ~

from the Manuscript "Living With Guidance"

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