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What is Your Vision?

What is the vision you hold of yourself and your life? Sometimes women tell me they have no vision for their lives, but you definitely have one – the question is whether you are conscious of it or not, and where did you get it from?

Most of us were born into families which were less than 100% healthy, so the vision of ourselves which we absorbed from our family environment usually was not reflective of the best people we have the potential to be. Therefore, many, many people are walking around with a vision of themselves which is far less vital and vibrant than what is possible. So finding out what is possible is an enormous bonus for us. It opens doors and windows to fresh air and excitement. Sort of like having been in prison all your life and not even knowing it, but rather just assuming that the four surrounding walls are all there is.

I think that erroneous belief is responsible for many of our self defeating habits such as too much TV, food, shopping, etc. So asking yourself “who am I really deep down inside?” can start you on a journey to a completely different life. How do you know if you are in touch with that more authentic person lurking inside? Ask yourself how much joy you experience in your life. If the answer is none or very little, then you aren’t in touch, and another life is possible for you.

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