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Where’s the Map? Where’s the Map?

Are you living your best understanding? When trying to make a decision, my clients often will say to me that they are unsure which option is the right one, so they want to stay still until they are sure. The great psychic, Edgar Cayce, referred to this dilemma in a wonderful way when he said “It is enough for any person to put their life in the hands of the best they know.” The whole point of the journey is to not know, but to move ahead anyway, trusting that the best we know will take us where we need to go.

I believe the reason for the need to move ahead in faith rather than certainty is because the larger lesson is to learn to trust Life. To learn to listen inside for the next step and the next step, trusting that we are being guided to a safe haven. To trust that our Inner Guidance System, our IGS, is in touch with the big picture and the big vision, and is ever guiding us to our highest good.

People ask why, on this journey, we don’t just receive a map and a guarantee and be done with it! Great question! I think the reason we are kept in a state of mystery is because what is really going on is an inner transformation. The process of learning to listen to the whispers inside actually creates a change at the level of DNA. It is part of what is transforming us from caterpillars into butterflies. If we were given a map and a guarantee, we would be working only with our heads.

Listening to inner whispers means we are listening to our hearts, where a great transformation is taking place. We are literally being changed, and it is trust and courage to move forward in the face of fear which causes that process to take place. It is not the destination that we are truly after, not the outcome that we truly seek, but rather the internal change that happens in the process. It is alchemy at the deepest level that is taking place inside of us, an alchemy which results in joy and a whole new way of being.

So we must leave behind our worship of the intellect and enter a new land of the mysterious and unknown, and learn to love and revere those elements because they are taking us to a higher level of humanity: the “Possible Human” which human potential pioneer Jean Houston talks about.

It will be as different from what we are today as the butterfly is different from the caterpillar. And the only way to get there is through the door of the unknown. It is my joy to walk through that door with many women today who have embraced the transformative journey. We will have a joyous reunion of butterflies on the other side of the cocoon!

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